Monday, 14 November 2011


So its that time of year again when all those gorgeous male faces get covered up by a gross caterpillar, perched on their top lips... 
However, I wont complain to much because it is for a great cause, I'll just have to look past the hairy lips for now. 
I wish i could grow a mustache just so i can support this great cause but unfortunately I'm not pumped up with testosterone at the moment! :P
Ladies do not fret! Just because we cant grow facial hair, does not mean we cant support the cause!
Here are some divine accessories and ideas that will make you giggle...

This is my excuse for everything! Especially during the month of Movember! *giggle

I love this!!!

hahahahahaha this made me laugh when i saw it!

I have to HAVE nails like this! So AWESOMELY SWAGGERIFIC! haha

These mugs come in a set and each have a different mustache on! LOVE!

Aaaaw baby!!! So cute!

 Christmas Stache hahaha

xxx loves xxx

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