Wednesday, 1 August 2012


These artworks are absolutely incredible! 
So ingenious. 

Yiying Lu did these illustrations for the Us fashion and culture magazine "Meets Obsession Magazine"

They were in the magazines "10 Most Intriguing In Fashion" feature article in 2011.
These illustrations each have an embedded QR code (or Quick Response code for those who aren't as up to date, like myself haha)

Once the codes are scanned with a mobile device it will reveal the name of the person in the illustration as well as the artist and the web address where users can go and find out more information about the project.

Yiying has done a few different projects like this and some even include soundtracks and videos of how she created the illustration.

I take my hat off to this lady.
I want every sing illustration she has done. LOVE!

                                                                                xxx loves xxx