Sunday, 2 October 2011

Earn Your Stripes...

As someone who lives for fashion, i find a lot of comfort in the fact that the stripes i want to be wearing this summer do not have to be earned. 

This summer trend is one that really makes me a happy fashionista!
Whether you understand them or not they always look great and although stripes are directly linked to the Yuppie stereotype i have to put my foot down and disagree a little.
Yes stripes started in that Sub Culture but now they represent so much more than vapid yuppie sellouts. If you are terrified that you might end up looking like someone that worships the famous Peanut character Charlie Brown then i would say you have nothing to worry about.

Worn Vertically or Horizontally, both work however there are some rules when it comes to wearing stripes. Here are a few basic steps that should make wearing stripes this summer a little easier for you...

Vertical Stripes:
  1. There are no real negative connotations linked with vertical stripes so they pretty safe and easy to wear. 
  2. They do make you look taller and more slender which is a positive for someone that is vertically challenged.
  3. Always keep vertical stripes thin.

Horizontal Stripes:
  1. Horizontal stripes tend to make one look larger and wider. So if you are carrying a bit of extra weight then i would suggest you stick with the vertical stripe.
  2. Horizontal stripes are the more stylish choice.
  3. Try getting  a sweater or top with varying weights of stripes on them to avoid looking like a jail bird or Sesame Street character.
  4. Or go for a sweater with one or two stripes over a solid background.

Do not EVER wear or even consider wearing socks with huge horizontal stripes on them. The only use they have is if you planning on having a career in the circus!

So go for it! 
Where's Waldo is coming back into the collective psyche and should be

xxx loves xxx

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