Tuesday, 25 October 2011


I sound like a broken record..."I miss him"..."did i make a mistake"..."wish i knew if he still thought of me"!
It hurts so much when someone who at one point was your everything, is now gone. Love is one of the most complicated wonders of this world...
Im no expert on love but i do know this...no matter how much it hurts sometimes, love is one of those things that i will believe in forever.
I strongly believe that the harder you fall and the more intense the pain, represents the intensity of the love that was shared...

If you allow it to be, love is the greatest healing force in the universe.

When most people end relationships they reject what they most
 love in order to avoid  facing what they most fear- themselves.

As they say, it is important to live in the present, not the past or future.
Yet, it is also important to understand the past- so you can avoid repeating the mistakes- even if those mistakes were an important part of your learning.
Healthy love must be nurturing. It is not only about what you are,who you are now- but what you may become. The potential of the human spirit for growth, love and awareness.

 It is an awareness  of your beloveds potential. I have seen relationshipswhere one or both people are choked - where their love has  become an antidote to the fear of being alone instead of a mysterious adventure. 

When we reject others- we reject a part of ourselves. 
When we seek happiness by rejecting love and losing our openness to others- we only delay the time that it takes to become fulfilled and truly happy.
Love is the unconditional support of someone’s soul.
 It is the unshakable desire to see them become what they were meant to be, yet accepting of who there are now. 
It is unmoving, and remains when all else is gone- whether that is youth, health, mind and even life.

I do know this...when i am luck enough to find that again i will be more in tune with who i am and what it is i want when it comes to this thing called LOVE...and so...I promise you this.
 Each day I will say I love you
- regardless of how sad, disappointed or angry  I become. Each day I will commit to you as if for the first time. An each day I will be thankful that you are with me. Each day I will remember how imperfect I am.

A relationship is not about you or me. It is about us.

Without the "us" there is no relationship.
To make one person the focus of one's love-may be the inspiration
 of many a love song- but in the end- that focus is narrow and selfish. If one loves, then one must love all consciousness- all life- and the full manifestation of this in oneself and others.
The essence of life and love is change.
My heart is open- but to be understood the other must be willing to receive-
to accept the offering.
Without commitment there is no possibility of change and growth,
 and without these things the relationship and the people in it will not heal and become healthy.
Often the ego's "self protectiveness" can be destructive-
 resulting in anger, threats and withdrawal. Yet sometimes there is a need to fight. A need to break the silence- to restore a balance- to unleash the truth.
To often people forget that life itself is a gift. 

True love is as constant as the North Star & as faithful as thesun that rises & sets every day. True love is unshakable. True love cannot willfully hurt

xxx loves xxx

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