Thursday, 16 February 2012

It's Time...

So theres a major shift that is about to take place...
Life as I know it is about to change completely. 

Im struggling.

Change is something that we as human beings battle with. What is it about change that frightens us so much?

The fear of the unknown?

Us doubting ourselves?

The fear of being alone?

I am really scared.

I need to find the strength within me to know i'll be ok. To know that I am strong and I will only achieve greatness.

Will you forget me when I'm gone? Im terrified of turning around and not seeing your face! will i get through each day  without your words of wisdom? Without your guidance and love...

Im terrified.

Friends...will you always remember the laughter that we have shared? I will still need your shoulders to cry on...will you be there?

I need you to hold my hand and never let go...

Im scared.

Love...will you know that i will never give up on you? 
I want to find you, i want to be happy...Old love is never forgotten...and new love is excitedly anticipated. xxx

Change is inevitable but it really is a difficult thing to deal with. You are being thrust into the unknown...

Where will I land?

Will I be ok?

How strong am I?

Can I do this?

Will I get through this?

Millions of thoughts and emotions are racing through me all at once. I don't even know where to start...Im trying my best to process them but i'm struggling.

Im scared BUT... I will never know the answers to all my unanswered questions if I don't try!


xxx loves xxx

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  1. You will always have my love and guidance angel girl, no matter how near or far. I can't forget you, you are me and I am you. Love you to the moon & back, now and always. X