Thursday, 24 May 2012

Marilyn Manson...

I still don't understand why people don't like Marilyn Manson.
He is one of the most amazing minds i have ever looked into. He is multi talented and not in the typical 'triple threat' sort of way. He knows how to push boundaries.

His name itself represents the Beautiful and the ugly...
The whole reason he chose his name was because the media always puts evil and good on the same sort of level like they did with MARILYN Monroe and Charles MANSON.
He is constantly pushing people to face things about the world and themselves and thats why people are so scared of him. He is controversial in every way possible but you have to be completely blind or naive to not see or understand, the talent and exceptional mind this man has.
He is a performing artist and its all about theatre!
As soon as you think you have him figured out, you realise you don't because he is so good at reinventing himself.

There is nothing about Marilyn Manson people don't understand. They just don't want to understand him and thats what freaks people out about him.

I will always be a fan! I would love to own one of his art works...

Sharon Osbourne owns this Mad Hatter painting.

xxx loves xxx

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